Supporting Better Living for all Alberta Condo Communities

The Objectives of the Condominium Owners’ Forum (COF) are:

  • To enhance communication among condominium owners for the improved management of our homes and corporations:
  • Share information and best practices;
  • Enhance Improve condominium board management;
  • Create a community (both virtual and physical) of informed and interested condominium owners with a place to meet, engage and support each other on and/or off-line.

Why COF?

ev-062-1_500x349It became evident to the founders that there is a need for the education of people who are now or may become condominium owners. The condo development industry is very effective at designing beautiful residential and commercial products and persuading us to buy into a carefree ‘lock it and leave it’ lifestyle – someone else will look after our homes or offices while we are at work or away on vacation.

The industry has professional organisations to look after their particular interests, such as ACMA, REIC, RECA and CCI. The industry is not so good at telling us what our rights and obligations are when we consider buying into a ‘living together’ way of life, what our obligations and rights are when we buy into co-ownership of a corporation valued at perhaps millions of dollars that may need professional help in many areas. Condo ownership is quite unlike ownership of a single family home on its own lot on a city street. COF intends to fill that information void for condominium owners.

Owe-012-1_500x333ur Purpose

COF intends to help owners find out what their obligations and responsibilities are, and determine best practices in making condominium corporations work effectively for the owners, their boards of directors, the condominium administrators/managers and the professional advisors like lawyers, engineers and financial advisors. You – the owners – will tell us and other condominium owners and corporations what worked (and what didn’t) in your condominium. That’s the purpose of the Condominium Owners Forum.