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How to Use the Forum
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Instructions on using the Forum

Using the Forum for the first time. Please read this quick post on how to make the most of your session. Click on the post to the right, "Using Your Forum Session"

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Using Your Forum Session

Introduction to the COFSAB Forums
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Want to see a New Forum Topic?

Asking for suggestions on new Forum Topics. Let us know and we'll create a new Forum. This is different than a Forum conversation. Anyone can create a new discussion by clicking 'new topic' within a Forum Discussion.

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Adding a new Forum Topic

Add to the Conversation

How about chatting with us?  - You have to register to add new topics and comment on other posts, - Once you have registered choose any post to comment on by clicking on the link for that Forum Topic, you can either comment as a reply to that post or... - Click on the Forum Topic Heading (link to the right of the discussion icon), look at the "add topic" (blue button) above the Forum Heading to start a new post within the forum topic. You can only see the 'add topic" button when you're in a post. -To receive automatic email notifications on any topic or heading you must subscribe to that conversation. When you subscribe you will get an email confirmation. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Joining the discussion

Condo Owners Forum Q&A

Do you have questions

Do you have questions and no answers and have answers for those with questions? This is great place to share.

Governance and Management
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voice recording of AGM for per...


Governance is the process of providing strategic leadership to a [condominium] corporation. It entails the functions of setting direction, making policy and strategy decisions, overseeing and monitoring organizational performance, and ensuring overall accountability. [Condominium] governance is an ... organizational process involving multiple functions and engaging multiple stakeholders ... [Condominium] ... governance refers to the process of providing leadership, direction, and accountability for a specific [condominium corporation]. (Adapted from Nonprofit Governance and the Work of the Board, © 2007 David Renz, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership, University of Missouri – Kansas City)

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Open Board of Directors meetin...


What the condominium (property) manager does, with the staff in a large corporation, and what the board may do in a smaller or self-managed corporation.

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Boards Time Management

Communications & News to Share
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Probably the most common means for the board or management to communicate with owners and occupants.

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Distributing Newsletters

In the Media

When you find an article, news broadcast, video or other item, share it by posting it (or a link to it) here.

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Better Condo Life...

Web Sites and Social Media

A more immediate way for management to communicate with owners and occupants

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The Better Condo Life

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Ideas needed...


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Therapy Dogs


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Parking bylaws - How to handle...

Disputes and Resolutions
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The government has proposed a tribunal for settling disputes, and enacted the legislation but not procklaimed it. Where should it go from here?

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ON Condo Authority Tribunal

The Courts and Mediation

These seem to be the resources available now for dispute resolution.

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The High Cost of Bullying in a...

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Courses and Seminars

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Should Realtors be allowed to ...

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Operating Accounts

These are the accounts for routine expenses.

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Benchmarking Condo Fees and Ex...

Reserve Funds: Studies and Plans

The Reserve Fund ensures there is sufficient capital funding available for scheduled major expenditures.

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Reserve Fund Study and Reserve...

Repairs and Maintenance
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First Appearances

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Lack of Repair

Getting Help...
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There are many insurance professionals available to Boards and Owners. Insurance Brokers, Reserve Fund Specialists, and Appraisers all can help Boards and Owners understand the mysteries of Insurance.

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Poison used on common property


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Radon in Apartment Buildings

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Government announces new Human Rights Legislation

New Human Rights Legislation in Alberta Bill 23 Human Rights Amendment Act

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New Human Rights and Age Restr...

Condominium Property Act and Regulation

This is the primary legislation that governs condominiums in Alberta. More to follow soon.

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New Consolidation of the Condo...


The tool that condominium corporations use to govern their own corporation and development.

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Visitor Parking Fines - Both V...


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