The Condo Owners Forum advocates with all levels of Government and Industry on behalf of all Condominium Owners.

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Phil Rosenzweig

Condominium Rebates and the Election Conundrum

On March 23rd COF Board Members Terry Gibson and Phil Rosenzweig were invited to he Alberta Legislature to be there when the petition that was launched on February 3rd 2023 was tabled in the House. During that session, which turned out to be the last session of the 30th Legislature, NDP MLA for Edmonton-Riverview Lori Sigurdson was able to ask Affordability and Utilities Minister Matt Jones several questions regarding the affordability program which we see as still inherently unfair to many Owners and Tenants in Multi Family buildings.

Phil Rosenzweig

Condo Energy Rebate Petition to be tabled in the Alberta Legislature

To provide closure to the hundreds of Condo Owners and Condominium Boards that have signed our petition we have asked the opposition to table our petition in the Legislature. Hence, it becomes part of this legislative session. We look forward to seeing this petition tabled on Thursday afternoon, March 23rd.

Phil Rosenzweig

Energy Rebates: We’ve Met with Minister Jones. Now what?

The Ministry is studying alternatives to deliver the energy rebate(s) more effectively and be more inclusive of people in Multifamily buildings. We were assured that it was a high priority to address the inequities of the current programs.

Phil Rosenzweig

Premier Danielle Smith’s Inflation announcement brings little joy to Condo Owners

The Condo Owners Forum Society of Alberta applauds the decision of Premier Smith to continue to support these programs. With the new emphasis on these two energy affordability programs we are asking, once again that Premier Smith through Affordability Minister Matt Jones reopen the regulations of these programs to include the hundreds of thousands of Alberta Condo Owners that are not currently eligible because of the type of building they live in.

Don’t be Under-Insured!

Guest author, Omar Khan, Business Development Associate with Normac explains… When people ask Normac why they need an insurance appraisal done every year or why

Alternative Dispute mechanism still needed!

Condo owners groups frustrated by more delays of Alberta dispute resolution body amid ‘urgent’ need Lisa Johnson Edmonton Journal Apr 30, 2022   “Through our work to date,


 Alberta Government Disappoints Condo Owners Alberta condo owners are disappointed in Minister of Service Alberta, Hon. Nate Glubish’s recent notice that a condominium dispute resolution

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