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  • Phil Rosenzweig

    January 22, 2022 at 4:05 pm

    There’s an opportunity for a project here for someone, or some few, to take on.

    Rules of order seem to be a problem in every organization; condominium corporations and boards have some special requirements from the terms of the Condominium Property Act and Regulation and individual corporations bylaws. The CPA&R have new requirements for online or virtual meetings, which may conflict with certain provisions for meetings to be held in specific places.

    Would the Alberta parliamentarians, with COFSAB, like to prepare some model bylaw clauses and rules of order for condominiums? I have no authority to make the request; this is just a suggestion for both organizations to work together to benefit all of us struggling with these issues. I see the result being some model clauses and simple rules which any organization could use, with RONR and parliamentarians as fall-back resources in the case of dispute or doubt.


    Please spread the word!
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