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  • Phil Rosenzweig

    January 22, 2022 at 4:13 pm

    It was very useful to consult with a subject matter expert (parliamentarian)* to:

    a) streamline Board agenda/meeting minutes and separate into the standard agenda/meeting items per RONR, with reports behind still capturing relevant details.

    BoD meeting minutes are legal documents.

    b) draft a Board Rules of Procedure that elaborates on how a Board is to work together (constructively and courteously) and under what circumstances Board discussions can happen outside of Board meetings, then how to capture that properly in the next BoD meeting minutes.

    In our (too) busy lives, sometimes expedience takes precedence over deliberation.

    We need to work with condo management application providers to ensure their product(s) offer a space for collaboration and discussion: “The conduct of ALL business is controlled by the general will of the whole membership – the right of the deliberate majority to decide. Complementary is the right of at least a strong minority to require the majority to be deliberate – to act according to its considered judgment AFTER a full and fair “working through” of the issues involved. Roberts Rules provides for constructive and democratic meetings, to help, not hinder, the business of the assembly.”

    A condominium management application “Approval” function can’t take the place of Board meetings and discussion/deliberation leading to the best decision that can be made on behalf of the Corporation/All Owners.



    Link to Robert’s Rule Summary:

    Please spread the word!

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