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"It's about community. It's about bringing people together. It's about creativity and service. It's about making the community in which we live a really good place to be." - In Miscellaneous Quotes, by Andy Stoll

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  • Phil Rosenzweig

    January 22, 2022 at 4:46 pm


    I have been looking at the links you provided. This is exactly in line with our Board’s objectives.

    Process oriented (disentangle the people from the problem) and Whole group thinking vs. Social Loafing or Group Think.

    Too many people seem invested in a Win-Lose mindset, instead of Win-Win.

    Process Oriented

    Consensus decision-making highlights the process of making decisions, not just the result. In a consensus process all participants are respected and their contributions are welcome. Power leveraging, adversarial positioning, and other group manipulation tactics are specifically discouraged by the facilitator or by the structure of the discussion. The way in which the decision is made is as important as the resulting decision.

    Whole Group Thinking

    Consensus decision-making places value on individuals thinking about the good of the whole group. Participants are encouraged to voice their personal perspectives fully so that the group benefits from hearing all points of view. But consensus participants are also expected to pay attention to the needs of the whole group. Ultimately, in consensus, personal preferences are less important than a broader understanding of how to work together to help the group succeed.


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