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  • Phil Rosenzweig

    January 22, 2022 at 5:04 pm

    After the new regulation is applied ( July 1 /2019 ) an agenda ( s.21 bylaws ) could conceivably be constructed as follows :

    Condo Corporation 7777 , Handover ,Alta. – AGM – July 2/2019


    Declaration of Quorum

    I. Call to Order

    II. Call of Roll- Certification of Proxies

    III. Proof of Notice of Meeting /Waiver or Proxies

    IV.Reading and Disposal of Unapproved Minutes

    V. Vote on Agenda Items

    VI. Reports of Officers and Others

    A. Board Chair ( if any )

    B. Financial Report – Treasurer (if any )

    C. Property Management (if any )

    D. ( Other- if any )

    VII.Reports of Committees

    A. Condo Rules Committee ( if any )

    B. Members Committee ( if any )

    C. Common Room and Pool Committee ( if any )

    VIII. Election of Members of Board

    IX. Agenda Items – Unfinished Business

    A. Resolution re New Roof ( postponed from 2018 AGM )

    B. Resolution re Insurance ( on approved 2018 agenda – not addressed )

    X. Agenda Items – New Business

    A. Proposal ( resolution ) to alter pool usage ( submitted by Board )

    B. Proposal ( resolution) to vary parking signage ( R. Hu )

    C.Proposal ( resolution) to re-locate recycle /disposal containers (K. Singh )

    D.Proposal (resolution ) to acquire a goat as building mascot ( P. Brown )

    XI. Questions and Answers

    XII. Announcements

    XIII. Adjournment


    Note :

    The above draft agenda would be subject to a motion to approve the order of (and items of ) business , at the point where the presiding officer reaches heading V., noted above. Items could be re-organized/ordered , or deleted ( struck out ) through that motion , even if they were proposals submitted and filed within the “deadline” by owners . However, proposals to take other action(s) ( additional resolutions not submitted within the filing “deadline “) would not be allowed, nor would a motion to amend something previously adopted be in order that sought to add any further proposal (resolution ) . And ,on reaching item X on the agenda , it would not be possible for an owner to demand that additional matters of “new business ” be added under that heading (unlike Robert’s Rules , RONR ).

    Additionally , although section 21 (2) of the bylaws ( July 1/2019 ) provides that at an annual general meeting the order of business (” is to be as follows ” ) with 11 headers ( (a) to (k)) that provision does not preclude additional headers if preferred ( eg. Questions and Answers ; Announcements ) .

    This is one way the new Regulation and Standard bylaws may apply – re agenda .


    Pat Knoll PRP

    Professional Registered Parliamentarian

    ( See, additional Note below )

    Please spread the word!

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