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Home COFSAB Forum Repairs and Maintenance How Do We Maintain Concrete Balconies? Reply To: How Do We Maintain Concrete Balconies?

  • karebearbennettgmail-com

    February 5, 2022 at 12:39 pm


    19/10/2021 11:16 am

    I would recommend you get an engineering company involved.

    Look for a member of Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI).

    Balcony work needs to be done carefully as it can impact the envelope of the building.

    Is your building a post‑tension cable building? That would complicate things.

    Balconies can be expensive and challenging. In my building, a post‑tension cable building, sometimes there are two layers of concrete. The bottom one is structural and includes post‑tension cables and the top is to protect the bottom one.

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