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  • Karen Bennett

    February 5, 2022 at 12:44 pm


    About 19 years ago I became the President of our condominium corporation, while the re‑developer was still active on site in another part of the development. There were acute issues that needed to be dealt with and information needed to be disseminated quickly and accurately.

    I initiated a simple monthly newsletter which usually ran to four letter‑size pages of 10‑point print. The newsletter included access information to the Board (we did not have a good management company for many of the preceding years) and dealt with many issues the corporation faced. I summarised the decisions of the board meetings, which often included difficult financial decisions dealing with matters not done properly by the re‑developer. We also needed to clarify what the owners were responsible for. Many of the owners were new to condominium living, as was I.

    We now have a glossy, coloured, quarterly newsletter which conveys basic information about what was done in the last quarter, what’s coming up and contact information. The newsletters are left at unit entrances (we are an apartment complex so front doors are inside reasonably secure buildings). I don’t know if such matters are sent to absentee landlords.

    Urgent matters are posted in the elevators and mailrooms; issues like recent break‑ins and new security arrangements are dealt with by management letters taped to unit doors.

    I would like to see a monthly newsletter published on‑line (email and website) and in print, about a page, sent to absentee owners as well as residents.

    The newsletter should be attractive and considered a public document. It should be made available to potential purchasers and tenants so they have an idea as to what they may be moving to. It should NOT contain any specific unit or personal information, for privacy reasons.

    Please spread the word!
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