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  • Karen Bennett

    February 5, 2022 at 2:10 pm

    Posted : 14/11/2017 3:14 am


    I saw this story on facebook today. Reading the summary, the tribunal member recommends a mediation.

    The complaint is against the management company which of course states that it was acting on direction of the strata corporation. No actual decision is made but a recommendation to present this to a tribunal.

    The parent claims that the previous owner had a dog and they didn’t know the bylaws, but when you buy a condo the bylaws should be handed over to the buyer prior to purchasing.

    Although I am sympathetic to the resident with the two daughters, but if the dog is causing disturbance, perhaps they can get another dog that is more quiet?

    On the other hand, whose responsibility is it to know the the rules before hand?

    Touchy topic.

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