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  • Cheryl

    March 20, 2022 at 9:36 am

    Thanks for sharing, Terry. Based on how difficult it was to find overland flooding coverage last April, I suspect that it may be next to impossible for me to find. Definitely feeling vulnerable. The Developer in Quarry Park has a long-term plan which includes building many more apartment condo complexes even closer to the river than my building (I believe 5 more multi-family apartment condo complexes are planned). IMO, the Developer should be lawfully required to disclose the risk of flooding within the flood fringe and disclose the fact that Owners will likely not be able to purchase adequate insurance for that specific risk. I did not find out that reality until AFTER I had purchased my condo. Knowing in advance likely would have deterred me from buying so close to the river.

    If I am successful in finding overland flooding coverage for my location, I will surely let the group know.

    Thanks again!

    Please spread the word!
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