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  • Terry Gibson

    June 16, 2022 at 7:07 am

    In our building, 39 units very close to downtown, the intercom is inside the first set of main doors. The outside doors are locked (10PM-7AM), but can be opened by FOB.

    I like the FOB system, but my board didn’t plan it out well. Take the time to plan it well. For example, the FOB is there for one level of parkade and not the other. Treat owners consistently.

    I thought our Board purchased a cheap system. Extra dollars for extra value would be worth investigating. It is a high profile item, used by many owners and visitors. Make sure it is an easy system for visitors to use. Some systems are not that easy to use for those unfamiliar with computers.

    In some systems you can easily see on your phone or TV who is at the intercom. That might be worth pursuing.

    All in all, I think the upgrades improved our security and would do it again.

    Please spread the word!
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