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  • Jonathan Klein

    June 17, 2022 at 4:16 pm

    Thanks for your comments Terry.

    We have a similar system to what you have where the outer door of our entrance vestibule is locked at night. But during the day we sometimes find somebody camped out in the vestibule sleeping or smoking drugs. So we are planning to move the intercom outside the building and keep both entrance doors locked all the time.

    Another security improvement will be the elimination of physical keys.

    I fully agree with your points about planning the system out, and the need for the system to look good. I have looked at several intercom panels at other condominiums, both original installations and retrofits. The original installations almost always look good – the panels are placed in a logical spot, flush mounted, and the wiring is inside the wall. However, retrofits range from looking pretty good to horrendous.

    We are in fact interested in a system that allows a resident to use a cell phone to see who is at the intercom. Do you know which brand has this?

    Please spread the word!
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