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  • Condo Owner Scott

    October 3, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    Still have a mystery… Tried a WCB search, as advised by other source, & was free to try ourselves to obtain a Clearance Letter. A Sturgeon County business on WCB search seemed most likely to be the “DV Renovations” here in Edm area, the contractor that the PMgr brought around to our home on Sept 26/22 for the initial on site response to our June 8/22 request for Maintenance.

    That link brought up another company name altogether -Glenora Homes- so was still a bit of a mystery. I followed up with WCB in person today(couple questions for a helpful WCB agent) & we did obtain a GH clearance letter. I called GH & a helpful gentleman said they are definitely not “DV Renos”. So it’s still not for sure, in actuality, if this so-called “DV Renos” has WCB clearance. The COI is not being made available either.

    Sure would be nice if our Board would just provide said info for Owners. From everything I can determine in legislation & our Bylaws the Board is ultimately supposed to ensure a PMgr has everything in order & is doing their job. Or in this instance is PMgr totally the responsible party and the Board absolved of all responsibility to Owners? It just does not seem reasonable & prudent for a Board not to inform Owners so everyone knows for SURE qualified contractors are working on our $several hundred K homes 🏡

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