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  • Mark Hambridge

    November 9, 2022 at 4:46 pm


    We installed Toto Washlet bidets in our two bathrooms in 2016. They require (1) connection to the cold water supply to the toilet, using the (supplied) tee adaptor fitted just below the tank and (2) connection to the electrical system to operate the water heater, spray pump, heated and motorised seat, motorised lid and night-time convenience lighting. What’s not to like?

    The water connection was easy and no more complex than changing the hose, which should be done about every five years as routine preventive maintenance.

    The electrical connection required an outlet with a ground-fault Interruptor (GFI) close to the toilet. That was done by an electrical contractor, who ran two new circuits from our breaker box. I believe in safety, and there is no way I was prepared to accept an electrical shock in that part of the – er – bathroom ;-). It also means that the work would be insured in case of a claim from inadvertent leakage or electrical deficiency.

    Since this work is all inside the unit, I believe it is the Owner’s responsibility; there should be no need to involve the condominium corporation. The electrical contractor should get a city permit. The water connection is within the unit at the in-home side of the water connection, not to the common supply.

    We have had no problems with the units we installed. One stopped functioning properly; it is about to be repaired by the manufacturer. I took the opportunity to replace the tank fillers and flush valves (ten years old) with modern Fluidmaster water-saving devices. I believe we are using less water than ‘before bidets’ and almost eliminated the need for ‘double-flushing’. The electrical consumption of each bidet is rated at 845 watts; usage would vary according to the amount of usage and temperature settings. In our condominium, the electrical system is billed as part of the ‘contributions’ to the corporation.

    There’s an interesting recent discussion on CBC’s What on Earth:

    Please spread the word!

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