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  • Jonathan Klein

    November 11, 2022 at 6:17 pm

    Thanks Mark for your comments.

    The couple that wants to install the bidet are considering a model that has both hot and cold water connections. The cold water connection is easy, like you said. The hot water connection could come from either the bathroom sink or the kitchen sink, which is on the other side of the wall, through access panels that are already in the walls. They are renters actually, so this set-up would be non-permanent while they are living there.

    We also concluded that it would be the owner’s decision since the attachments to the water connections would be downstream of the shut-off valves for the toilet and the sink. So, the bidet is analogous to installing a new sink faucet which doesn’t require board approval.

    Do you know, is it actually written somewhere that the shut-off valves are the dividing line between in-home and common supply?

    Our manager recommended against installing it due to a previous experience in another building where one leaked and damaged a unit below.

    I also see it as a leakage risk mainly because of the additional water connections. Currently there is only one water connection, the toilet supply. Adding the hot and cold flexible supply hoses plus two T-fittings adds six threaded connections, four of which will be exposed to being bumped. The other two would be within the cabinet under the sink so would not be exposed to being bumped.

    Then there is the bidet itself which is likely all plastic. I could see it cracking allowing water to leak out of the internal passages.

    I had a bad experience in the past where the plastic fitting on my toilet supply cracked somehow when I was out of town. Flooding my bathroom and damaging the unit below. So I suppose I am a bit paranoid of plastic water fittings.

    I recommended to the owner to request that the tenants use a bidet designed to prevent leaks, use stainless T-fittings, stainless braided hoses, and to consider getting hoses with an auto shut-off mechanism (mentioned by BFL in the recent condo chat).

    The good thing is her unit is above the garage. So if there is a leak it won’t damage another owner’s unit.

    Please spread the word!
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