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  • Mark Hambridge

    November 16, 2022 at 1:48 pm

    I needed to have the plumbing worked on around one of our bidets while it is away for an internal repair (an electrical issue). I went to My Handyman ( and received an outrageous quotation to install a new flush valve and fill control device, intended by Fluidmaster to be done by a homeowner. I ended up doing the job myself – and yes, it is essential to check and monitor that there are no leaks. Since the renters are recent immigrants, I suggest the owners insist the work be done by a journeyman plumber, despite the probable cost (which will be cheaper than the potential repair).

    As to the boundary between an owner’s responsibility and the corporation’s responsibility – I assumed a repair upstream from the sink shut-off would be a corporation’s responsibility, and downstream would be an owner’s. However, if the whole unit had a main supply shut-off at the entrance to the unit, the whole responsibility would lie with the owner. As usual: what do the bylaws say? what does the condominium plan say?

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