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  • David Minifie

    December 7, 2022 at 2:19 pm

    Agree with all that has been stated by responders. Basically, any RULES need a direct path back to the bylaws, and vice-versa and the sanction options need to be clear in the bylaws. Also, only the current Act/Regulations apply, so it is probably irrelevant as to the Act/Regulations in effect when your bylaws were passed. Also, you may want to review when the last time your RULES, in a consolidated format, were provided to owners. If this was not done in the past couple of years, you may not have any legally enforceable rules in effect. Issuing new rules (or a fully consolidated set if rectifying a gap in issuance) has a 30 day time period before they become effective. Exception is rules related to safety/security that might need immediate effect.

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