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  • Angelica Ajo

    December 10, 2022 at 3:03 pm

    I make the distinction in my mind between bylaws and rules as follows.

    The bylaws if violated can have a monetary sanction whereas rules are just more clarification or an extension to a bylaw already set up. Eg Dogs allowed with approval. The rule could be established to say, form X must be used. No monetary sanction can be made to rules.

    A bylaw can say you must not hang laundry from the building. So a monetary sanction is allowed if it says so in the bylaws. If the bylaws only refer to “may exercise the powers provided for in section X of the ACT”, and this goes back several years so the referred to section in the ACT no longer corresponds, where does that leave one? There is no actual mention of sanction amounts in the bylaw so does that mean it defaults to the sanction amounts quoted in the current version of the ACT? There is no mention in the bylaws of using the updated ACT.


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