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  • Michelle J Lucente

    December 19, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    The question for me is whether we want to have educated, informed Boards making the best decisions on behalf of the condo communities they serve.

    At this condo, we have a new board that refuses to read, understand or abide by the governing documents (Condominium Property Act, Condominium Property Regulation, Corporation Bylaws).

    This board has made several poor decisions including: writing resolutions that are against the Act, ignoring the sanctions process laid out in the Regulation, writing policies that are against the Bylaws and case law, allowing their friends to ignore the Bylaws, and mismanaging our monies, while telling Owners that we have extra funds available so that’s why hallways are being repainted.

    We also need educated, informed Owners!

    Please spread the word!
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