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  • Premila Taylor

    February 7, 2023 at 1:43 pm

    Is the Bill current?

    The condo I’m at is holding an AGM when they expect for the current board to resign and re-elect by acclamation and any vacancies filled with show of hands.

    No info or process has been published or the owners given any information on what the responsibilities, conduct, or job descriptions are. How do we get quality board members without a formal call for informed volunteers and the owners not knowing the person’s skill sets, background, motivation, etc? I’ve been at condos where one applies by filling a brief form of why they want to be on a board, experience and what they can bring to the table

    This condo has No procedures outlined in the bylaw and are currently expecting approval from us to pass new bylaws that also don’t define a procedure. No reference to Roberts Rules

    Your guidance would be much appreciated

    Bylaw deadline is Feb 10

    AGM is on Feb 13

    Thank you



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