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  • Dana Bouwman

    February 8, 2023 at 2:33 pm

    As a former condo president/ board member I totally agree that you would think that the condo manager actioning the work and following up until the work is done is expected… I remember having issues with this as well with my condo manager and I ended up having monthly ‘operations meetings’ with my condo manager to get an update on where we were with every item so things fall through the cracks. It was a quick 20 minute phone meeting during business hours and I would forward the minutes from these meetings to the rest of the board so they were also up-to-date.

    As a current condo manager, my company considers it within our scope to action the work and follow up until the work is complete. Which is more than what most condo management companies do. But even my company will only follow up by asking the contractor each month if the work is complete. We won’t go to site to inspect and make sure it was done – probably the only expectation is for new HVAC or plumbing installation because it’s common enough for plumbing to charge for new equipment, but not actually install it.

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