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  • Mark Hambridge

    September 14, 2023 at 11:29 am

    We have similar restrictions. The adjacent rental building apparently has no similar restrictions on its balconies, so we see the usual barbecues, chairs and tables – and the storage of unsightly ‘stuff’ and bicycles!

    We found an alternative to an outdoor clothesline, which would probably have to be attached to the building’s structure (common property) and require board approval even if permitted. We bought a folding rack from a hardware store to use in the room adjacent to the balcony. It offers 41ft / 12.5m of drying space, possibly larger than a balcony clothesline, and folds to store beside the washer/dryer. The same store offers a variety of racks, from $30 to $100.

    It would probably be easier and cheaper to buy racks for occupants than to amend the bylaws to allow clotheslines!

    Please spread the word!
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