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  • Terry Gibson

    January 18, 2024 at 8:56 am

    Very interesting questions you pose!

    I agreee with Dana: boards must do their best to accommodate people with special needs.

    I would put the onus on the owner to provide details on the weight AND whether the structure can accommodate that.

    Re insurance: I would consult with your broker.

    Water consumption: everyone in a condo consumes different volumes of water, heat etc. My suggestion is that you have to accept that this owner may use more hot water. Recognize they may bath more or less than others. It comes to giving and taking. All owners are different. Just something we have to accept as condo owners. (example some people keep their suites at 18C, others at 23C. Impossible to quantify. Impossible to manage.

    Thanks for using the FORUM Cheryl!

    Please spread the word!
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