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  • Cheryl Stubbings

    January 18, 2024 at 12:59 pm

    Thank you Dana and Terry for sharing your thoughts – will consider your suggestions. FYI, here’s our PM’s response:

    The corporation could request from the owner to have proper plans done and an engineering review completed regarding the load bearing capabilities of the building.

    I would also suggest that the corporation enter into an Indemnity agreement / Hold harmless agreement with the owner which would be registered on title. The owner would be responsible for all related legal and registration costs.

    The improvement would have to be reported to the insurance company, but with the indemnity agreement in place premiums should not be affected as the liability is transferred to the owner in case of any failure or damage.

    Regarding the added water cost the only way this could be passed on the owner is to have a separate meter installed for the unit specifically. Otherwise there would be no way to monitor the added water cost.

    A very rough estimation could be done on a monthly basis by carefully reviewing the corporation’s water bill and identifying variances in usage. Naturally this could be very easily argued by the owner that not all additional water use is related to their tub. In essence this would be very hard to enforce.

    This is on a personal note:

    Few years back I had looked into the same for my wife. She has some mobility issues and a walk-tub seemed like a good idea. Upon learning that you have to enter the tub, close the door and wait for it fill up and also wait until it fully drains before you can open the door, it was determined that it is very uncomfortable to wait all this time while sitting in the tub.

    A walk in shower with built in seating solved the same problem without the discomfort of waiting and getting chilled.

    In any case should the board agree I could draft communication to the owner advising them that:

    1. Detailed plans are needed for the upgrade, (tub
      make and model, installer qualifications complete with WCB and Liability
      insurance, timeframes for installation, construction plans done and
      reviewed by an engineer)
    2. Indemnity agreement is also needed to be put in
      place as a condition of approval at the owners expense
    3. She would also have to show that insurance
      coverage on their personal policy is added.

    Only with all this in place would the board consider approving the application.”

    Please spread the word!
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