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  • Mark Hambridge

    January 26, 2024 at 12:52 pm

    We installed a walk-in tub in our 10th-floor apartment in a concrete and steel structure about 10 years ago. The board at that time required no specific elements as discussed in previous replies. That board was one of the reasons a few of us started COFSAB – I’ll write no more on that!

    My wife uses the tub about once a week with the help of a home care assistant. Water usage is probably far less than an able person uses with a daily shower. The likelihood of an accident is minimal, and as someone else pointed out, you have to be IN the tub to close the door and turn on the water. Ours is a short-length, sitting-up style tub, so uses less water than a standard tub. Using the hand shower is a possible source of ‘spillage’ but not with careful use. Our tub is bordered by tile and sealed against the walls on two sides, so the likelihood of spillage is minimised.

    The biggest issue we have found (the hard way!) is that the valve mechanism which is a combined diverter of hot and cold water to the tub or hand shower is a sealed and difficult-to-access unit. Ours suffered from corrosion and failed; a replacement had to be ordered from the supplier in the USA, taking about three weeks. The workers who installed the tub didn’t install external shut-off valves to the tub, common with many bath installations. To shut off the water to the bathtub required shutting off the main water supply to the whole unit.

    Regardless of building or plumbing code requirements, a ‘best practice’ would be to install easily accessible shut-offs specific to the new tub.

    Please spread the word!
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