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  • Mark Hambridge

    January 26, 2024 at 1:07 pm

    Cheryl Stubbings’ PM wrote:

    “Few years back I had looked into the same for my wife. She has some
    mobility issues and a walk-tub seemed like a good idea. Upon learning
    that you have to enter the tub, close the door and wait for it fill up
    and also wait until it fully drains before you can open the door, it was
    determined that it is very uncomfortable to wait all this time while
    sitting in the tub.”

    The water supply in our building is powered by strong pumps, even to the 10th floor, and the supply in the tub itself is enlarged to accommodate the time-to-fill concern. Similarly, the drain is oversized compared with an ‘ordinary’ bathtub, so drain time is minimised.

    We recognised the ‘getting cold while waiting to fill and drain’ issue and helped it by ensuring there was a pot light in the ceiling over the tub which has a halogen (thus heating) bulb to light the tub. I looked for a specific heat lamp bulb, without success. Be aware that halogen bulbs burn out sooner than LED lamps, so ease of replacement is important (standing on the seat in the tub…).

    As to comfort – sitting on cold wet fibreglass is not nice but a perforated shower floor mat, cut to size and shape, resolved the issue while letting the water drain effectively.

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