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  • Terry Gibson

    February 8, 2024 at 7:23 am

    In my experience, a wise board will at least consult with owners (ask for input) on major items. I don’t see $4,000 as a major item.

    The board is legally required to facilitate complex access for residents (owners and tenants) who are handicapped or become handicapped. The board must do this, so it is non-discretionary.

    Legislation requires owners to vote to approve improvements to the complex. That is required. There can be some discussion (a grey area) about what a major improvement might be, but it would appear the board was correct in asking owners to vote. Note: 75% of owners and unit factors are required to approve improvements, the same as bylaw changes.

    Apologies for the late delay, Kathleen. May I see you on Saturday? 😊

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