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  • Karen Bennett

    April 10, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    Robert W. MacLeod

    @terry-g. Terry/Mark.

    Robert Noce is technically correct in his advice. With the expiration of the ministerial order we should expect the Minister to reimpose a suitable Covid-compliant order. Nevertheless, as Robert Noce implied, the powers of the Board lie within the Bylaws. Fortunately my 86 unit bareland condo recently had its Bylaws revised with the expert help of a leading Calgary lawyer. We have the license to hold virtual meetings as well as to count Proxy ballots into the attendance.

    In 2020, we avoided an April AGM by:

    1. Sharing the annual financial & progress reports electronically with all Owners.
    2. Counting Owner participation through the use of a well-worded Proxy ballot, including a separate page for board elections.
    3. Encouraging Owners feedback and questions through our ‘info@’ email address as well as surface mail address.

    The results were quite satisfactory as measured by in-the-street conversations with many Owners. In fact at the beginning of the weed spraying season, we conducted a Special General Meeting on the 2-4D issue using the same format; the outcome was successful.

    So, while there was not face-to-face meeting due to lack of reasonable & Covid-safe meeting space within our community, we did achieve the objective of fulfilling the business of the Corporation.

    We would welcome a challenge, legal or otherwise, to the validity of this process.

    Please spread the word!
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