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  • karebearbennettgmail-com

    April 10, 2022 at 4:32 pm



    Thanks for that helpful information. Would you be willing to share the text of your new Bylaws that facilitates an electronic AGM? It might act as a template or check-list for others who want to amend their bylaws.

    Our AGM is scheduled for early December. The bylaws pre-date any form of electronic meeting so anything dealt with by the board by email needs to be ratified at the next regular ‘live’ meeting. The AGM package previously circulated encourages appointing proxies; our bylaws also allow attendance by proxy, counted toward a quorum. Under the new Covid-19 rules dealing with the size of meetings, there can only be a very small physical attendance by owners (other than the seven-person board) so there will be very few potential proxy-holders. If the meeting were contentious (which I doubt) it could prove to be a difficult time.

    In our 175 units, we have several elderly owners who are unfamiliar with the electronic world and not comfortable with computers, nor meeting management systems like Zoom. We have quarterly newsletters, which update us on significant matters, and those who are interested can see Board meeting minutes in the library or online on our website.

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