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  • Karen Bennett

    April 10, 2022 at 4:36 pm



    First, Condos registered in Alberta are corporations and the business of corporations must continue despite challenges. Therefore, while it might be of some value to condo corps to have ministerial backing on this, it is not necessary – in my opinion as a COFSAB Board member and president of an 86 unit bareland condo in Cochrane.

    Part 1

    Consistent Board membership can be a challenge. Despite numbers less than your minimum, the remaining Directors must continue to conduct the business of the corporation through regular and as needed meetings using available tools like ZOOM, manage the finances and tasks on the business plan without undue interruption.  As your corporation has a reduced number of directors, the remaining Directors can appoint Directors-at-Large to fill the ranks and to share the work load. One item approaching you is the AGM – ours will occur in April 2021 per normal. Then at the AGM you will elect a new slate of directors including those that agree to stay on.

    The key elements of an annual meeting are contained in the AB Act & Reg. Last year our Board achieved all necessary elements for the year by:

    1. 30 days in advance of the scheduled but cancelled meeting date, sending electronically to each Owner a summary of progress for the year with financial statements reviewed by our professional accountant, budget, business plan, the slate of Owners standing for election as well as a Proxy ballot covering each item.
    2. On the date planned for the AGM, the Board and another Owner scrutinized the Proxy ballots received to verify that the minimum number of Unit Factors was represented.
    1. As all Owners responding supported the Board on each item as well as the election of Directors the new Board continued. There were no changes of Directors; hence we did not re-register the Directors with Land Titles this time (may need guidance on that one!).
    2. The Board has remained open to any and all feedback from Owners through email (info@XXX.XX), telephone and street conversations. The (board?-AMH) makes every effort to respond promptly and thoroughly to each contact.
    1. Just to add a complication to the 2020 proceedings we had to deal with a serious concern from a few Owners (spraying dandelions with 2-4D). The Board managed the issue with the Special General Meeting process but without a meeting. New Proxy ballots were used to resolve the matter.

    For the 2020 FY, we will aim for the usual AGM format in April (shoulder season for snow-birds), but anticipate that due to the second wave of Covid we will replicate the process used in 2020.

    Part 2

    Renewed support of the Minister would be helpful, but considering that there is a way forward without it, a Ministerial Order may not be necessary. But thank you for your proposal; I will bring it to the COFSAB Board at its next meeting in December.

    Given the ambitious work load of the Ministry at this time in establishing an alternate dispute resolution process as well as many other critical issue pertaining to condos and condo living, I am prepared to cut it a bit of slack. BUT I will bring your suggestion to the COFSAB Board

    Please spread the word!
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