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  • Karen Bennett

    April 10, 2022 at 4:30 pm



    THANKS for posting this Mark!

    Owners need and want guidance about AGM’s.  I agree with Noce that Service Alberta / Government of Alberta should be providing more guidance.

    The law is important, but what are the “best practices” in these COVID times?

    Boards are all over the map on the issue: meet in the parkade with a sound system; defer the AGM for up to 12 months (not legal) and everywhere in between.

    I have had discussions with Service Alberta about this.  My advice to them: We need guidance.  If owners have to choose between their health and their AGM, health will win almost every time, particularly for those of us seniors.

    The problem with virtual meetings – a part from the legal constraints: how do you ensure that verified owners are voting?

    One of the main reasons AGM’s are needed is that there are few opportunities in many condos for Owners to get information updates from the Board and, more importantly, to ask questions.  It makes AGM’s essential for communications with Owners.

    One of our COF Board Members (BOB M), chairing an 84± unit complex, held his meeting virtually and “it went well”.  Their bylaws had been updated this year to provide for virtual meetings and they were very well organized.

    Would COF members want to sit in on a chat with Bob to learn more about he approached this?

    Please spread the word!
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