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  • Karen Bennett

    April 10, 2022 at 10:10 am


    @lshone I believe the answer to your question is found in the discussion above. To summarise it, if an owner wants, or a group of owners want, to bind the corporation or the board to a certain action, notice must be given to all owners by a properly worded motion published in the agenda. A motion that arises out of a discussion in the AGM, perhaps in an ‘Any Other Business’ portion of the AGM should not be binding on the corporation or board. It should be taken as a statement of what those at the meeting would like the board or corporation to do.

    It is somewhat like the situation of a Will, where when a person dies, the Will determines what the executor is to do; a Letter of Wishes (if there is one) expresses what the deceased would like the executor to do with their belongings if they can.

    I believe Dionne was talking about procedural motions which deal with the conduct of the meeting, such as amendments to previously published motions, points of order or privilege and so forth.

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