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  • Karen

    April 10, 2022 at 9:40 am


    In large developments like yours, Terry, and ours, this is an item that must be included in the Reserve Fund Study and Plan. I noticed that recently, about 15 years after the original replacements were installed after the 1979 vintage units were ‘retired’, that at least one ‘new’ unit has been replaced again. I haven’t looked into the details.

    In these days of increased awareness of, and need for, energy efficiency, I wonder:

    • Why wood-burning or natural gas (which is methane) fires are still permitted?
    • Should those responsible for the MUAs and other ventilation systems be considering energy-recovery ventilators, where the exhaust air is used to warm (or seasonally, cool) incoming ventilation air?

    When we renovated our apartment in 2012, we took out the gas fireplaces and ‘window-shaker’ air conditioner/electric heater units and modernised the perimeter hot water heating system. We removed four large holes in our apartment that did little to ‘improve’ the heating or cooling in the apartment and substantially reduced the likelihood of a freeze-up in our heating system due to windows left open. But that’s another story…

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