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  • Karen

    April 10, 2022 at 9:49 am


    Thanks for the info. I had been thinking it was unlikely the original design of the chimneys and MAU was incorrect, and was focussing on modifications made since construction. However, now I am starting to think that the original design may have been flawed. Your experience provides an example of flawed HVAC design at original construction (if I understand it correctly).

    My building was also built in 1979. The MAU was replaced in 2007, but looking at the documentation that we have the replacement provides essentially the same air flow as the original. The air flow coming under my unit door also feels substantial when felt with a hand, and there haven’t been significant issues with odors crossing the hallways.

    A potential solution was suggested to me: run inlet ducting from the MAU over the edge of the roof and down the side of the building a few meters. This would distance it from the chimneys. For our building this could very well be an option. One side of the building faces another apartment building of similar height. So the duct work would be hidden, only noticeable if looking down the gap between the buildings.

    I’ll have to check the CCI web site, didn’t think about them. But I don’t think APEGA lists members by area of practice, just by name or company number.

    Please spread the word!
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