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  • Karen Bennett

    April 10, 2022 at 4:19 pm


    @jonfkleingmail-com  You wrote: “I figure the law must provide a way for owners to verify that votes were counted accurately”.

    The answer isn’t always in the Condominium Property Act & Regulation. During my career as a civil servant, several times I worked to help make elections work – as a poll clerk, ‘Sergeant’ at the door in a BC municipal election. Working for Elections Canada (EC) as a poll clerk, we administered the election process at the poll including counting the ballots. Party volunteers scrutinised us to ensure we did the job properly. The scrutineers stood near enough to see what we were doing and could ask to see a ballot was properly placed and counted. They couldn’t touch the ballots. At the end of the count, we passed the count result to the chief of the polling station who passed the information to EC. We gave the scrutineers the same information and they passed it to the party HQs. It was a game between the parties and EC to see who could post the results first.

    The lesson for us in the condominium world is to appoint someone (or two) to conduct the count, perhaps an administrator if counting unit factors is required, and have two unrelated owners to monitor the process. This will be tricky in a world of coronavirus; masking, health checks and distancing will need to be introduced to the process.

    You could also consider asking a third party to conduct the votes. Two organisations that have conducted votes I have been involved in (only as a satisfied voter) are Opavote and Simply Voting  I expect there are many others.

    Please spread the word!
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