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  • Karen

    April 10, 2022 at 4:22 pm


    Posted by: @jonfkleingmail-com@MarkH-2

    Great information. Thanks.

    In our case the AGM will be conducted virtually, so there are no concerns regarding the virus. But I am concerned that the system proposed by our manager is open to tampering, with no way for the other owners to verify the vote count.

    MarkH: It looks to me as if the board should take control, by choosing to use one of the electronic means. There may not be time this year, but there will be another year – or defer the current election until you can get it set up electronically.

    I am thinking that I will propose they use an online vote system, such as one of the organizations you mentioned. Our management company is one of the larger ones in the city, so I assume they will know how to do this.

    MarkH: Don’t assume!

    But if for some reason they can’t get that set up, then I think the only way to ensure a fair vote is to publish all the ballots. This isn’t ideal because the ballots won’t be private, but it would be the same as voting in an in-person AGM.

    A show of hands at an AGM is obvious, but all the balloted votes for board I have been involved in have been by acclaim (the same number of candidates as open positions) or by secret ballot.

    Do you know if the Alberta government will allow online voting systems to conduct an AGM?

    MarkH: This is where we wish Service Alberta would take leadership. Check the thread elsewhere where Bob MacLeod describes their recent elections. I believe, since the electronic elections are not forbidden, that they could be permitted; especially if your bylaws say so. I subscribe to the hypothesis that unless something is expressly forbidden, it is permitted. Pat Knoll, what do you think?

    Please spread the word!
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