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  • Karen Bennett

    April 10, 2022 at 9:55 am


    Hi all – Face coverings are mandatory in condo buildings (in Calgary) now. This is what I found under under Bylaws and Public Safety -> CEMA -> COVID-19 – Face Coverings Bylaw – and there are two posters available:

    Face coverings in condos and apartments

    It is mandatory that masks be worn in the common areas of condos and apartments.

    If you own or manage a condo building or apartment, you can download and post our “You are entering a high risk area – wear a mask” posters in your common spaces.

    Private Fitness rooms aren’t treated any differently from public gyms.  We have two buildings in our condo complex, with a small fitness room and equipment in each building.

    We have also closed our gyms and have had push back from some residents.  Below is a summary of what we put in our recent communications.  One thing to note is that re-opening our fitness rooms will result in additional costs.

    Once the latest gym shutdown is lifted, we plan  to re-open our Condo Fitness Rooms with alternating use (Building 1 Mon/Wed/Fri and Building 2 Tue/Thu/Sat with Sunday cleaning), and one-person occupancy per booked appointment.

    Fitness Rooms

    Please see the following information from AHS re Fitness Rooms:

    • Special ventilation systems
    • Equipment spacing of 3 meters for cardio equipment and 2 meters for weight machines;
    • Reduced & controlled occupancy/appointments including a COVID-19 pre-screening checklist & rapid response plan to manage symptomatic participants;
    • Frequent cleaning and sanitization and sanitizing products available;

    Contact tracing in place.

    Please spread the word!

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