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  • Karen Bennett

    April 10, 2022 at 9:27 am


    I don’t use Facebook (you mentioned some of the reasons!) or other social media, except watching cat videos on YouTube.

    When I was on our corporation board (2004-2006), we did not have a web site; we now do. Most of it is open to the public, but documents, forms and financial matters are behind a password granted to Owners on request by the Property Manager. The password changes often, so a departing former owner would have limited access. We do not have a forum or chat function on the website for the reasons you mention in your query.

    When we were getting COFSAB started, we were granted access to GeniePad by the Edmonton based developer; it is software designed for information exchange and communication in the world of condominium corporations. The name has now changed to Condogenie.

    I haven’t used Condogenie/Geniepad except for testing it in those early days. I expect there are other services such as this. The advantage of using an Alberta-based system should be keeping current with local legislative requirements. I believe this service would avoid the issues you mention in your question.

    Any communication system such as this should be the corporation’s property and access to it granted by officers of the corporation such as the secretary and/or president. Management should access and use the system since official communication would usually be between the Property Manager and the Owners.

    Just my two bits; how about some discussion?

    Please spread the word!
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