COF CONDO CHAT: Bring Your Own Condo Questions

Video recording of the 'Bring Your Own Condo Questions' Condo Chat held November 15, 2022

CONDO OWNERS FORUM CONDO CHAT: Condo owners brought their condo questions and we had some of the answers.

View this exceptional discussion on condo life in Alberta.

If you didn’t have a chance to join us for this interactive Condo Chat, this is a great opportunity to hear what other Alberta condo owners are saying, share experiences, and discuss difficult issues.

Some potential topics of conversation included:

  1. What rights and responsibilities do condo owners have?

  2. What are condo bylaws and why are they important?

  3. What are the rules around condo finances?

  4. How do condo owners get access to condo documents and information?

  5. How does the Government of Alberta’s revised legislation affect condo owners and their condo complexes?

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We enjoyed chatting with you and learning about your successes and challenges as a condo owner. Please look at our events page to view the next Condo Chat coming your way. Advanced registration is required.

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Condominium Rebates and the Election Conundrum

On March 23rd COF Board Members Terry Gibson and Phil Rosenzweig were invited to he Alberta Legislature to be there when the petition that was launched on February 3rd 2023 was tabled in the House. During that session, which turned out to be the last session of the 30th Legislature, NDP MLA for Edmonton-Riverview Lori Sigurdson was able to ask Affordability and Utilities Minister Matt Jones several questions regarding the affordability program which we see as still inherently unfair to many Owners and Tenants in Multi Family buildings.

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  1. I have not noted any continued advocacy regarding the inequitable energy rebate program since the new Premier and new cabinet were sworn in, nor I have noted any response from the COF’s last letter to the government. Has this issue gone to the back burner or am I missing something?

    1. Government is working at their own agenda right now and on their own timing. Hope you saw Premier Smith’s marching orders letter to all her ministers which lists affordability as a top priority to for all departments.
      We are sending another letter to Matt Jones and asking him for a Zoom conversation hopefully Tuesday morning. (You are copied on it- will send via email this morning)

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