Condominium Rebates and the Election Conundrum

Now that the election is upon us, where do we sit with more eligibility for condominium owners to receive energy rebates

After almost a year of Frustration we go into a provincial election without the necessary changes to the affordability program


In May 2022, the Government enacted several Energy Rebate programs. As soon as the program was announced, with the passing of Bill 18 Utility, the Commodity Rebate Act, we knew there was a potential problem in that residents in multifamily buildings with single meters or on sub-meters would not be eligible.

We communicated with the Minister at the time, Dale Nally and received no positive communications from his office other that it was ‘too difficult’ to include these families.

In November of 2023 we contacted with new Minister of Affordability and Utilities, Matt Jones, continuing to advocate for the estimated 150,000 families that did not receive the electricity rebate.

Despite a new act increasing affordability options, a successful petition tabled in the Alberta legislature and several meetings with Minister Jones and members of his senior team, we find ourselves in the same position as when the legislation was
originally passed. 

Shouldn’t all energy consumers be eligible to receive these rebates regardless of their building type? After the election can this not be accomplished irrespective of which party forms government? Isn’t it the right thing to do?

Click on image to read letter to Matt Jones

If you live in a Condo you should be be asking your candidates these questions!

Will you advocate a retroactive payment, direct to consumers or Condominium Boards, of $500 per family (unit), to all energy consumers, owners, and tenants, numbering close to 150,000 families, who were ineligible for the Electricity Rebates and the future Natural Gas Rebates, because of the type the building they live in?

COF Tables Petition on the last day of the legislative sitting

On March 23, 2023, COF Board Members Terry Gibson and Phil Rosenzweig were invited to the Alberta Legislature to be there when the petition that was launched on February 3, 2023 was tabled in the House. During that session, which turned out to be the last session of the 30th Legislature, NDP MLA for Edmonton-Riverview, Lori Sigurdson, was able to ask Affordability and Utilities Minister, Matt Jones, several questions regarding the affordability program which we see as still inherently unfair to many owners and tenants in multi-family buildings.

see the official transcript in Hansard 

Despite asking several questions, Minister Jones would not commit to fixing this program to allow the close to an estimated 150,000* households to receive the rebate that other Albertans have been receiving since July of 2022.

Having participated in meetings with Minister Jones and his senior team members to discuss what a program could look like, there still has been no commitment to put the changes in place before the 30th Legislature is dissolved for the election.

Many of the reasons the Minister uses for not making changes to the program, which we have been asking for during the last ten months, just do not hold water. 

The Petition is closed. Now what do we do?

Just because we have tabled our petition in the legislature doesn’t mean we have given up on our advocacy on your behalf. We would appreciate any additional opportunities to consult with the government on this issue.  

Strong support for these changes can still be expressed if you write to Minister Jones, or Stephanie Clarke, Deputy Minister of Affordability and Utilities, and ask that these changes be implemented now, before the election.

Even though COF has closed their petition, there is no reason why you still cannot organize your own petition in your condo building. Please use this form.

So has COF succeeded in bringing forward concerns of owners over the inequities of this program? Yes, we have successfully brought our concerns forward. However, until this government addresses these concerns we all must continue to press this government to act or wait for perhaps a different government to get this right.

Should the election be called before changes are made to the affordability program, COF has developed a list of questions of importance to condo owners that you should be asking of any candidates running in your riding. We will be making the questions available after the writ is dropped. Questioning your candidates may be the best way to bring this matter to them directly in what is being predicted as a very tight race to form the next government.

*according to COF analysis of the 2021 Census information

Lori Sigurdson asking questions on affordability energy payments for condo owners in multi-family buildings.

Minister of Affordability and Utilities, Matt Jones, replies.

Lori Sigurdson's final question and reply from Minister Jones on doing the right thing for condo owners in multi-family buildings before the election.

Lori Sigurdson tabling the COF Petition asking for changes to the affordability program, allowing condo owners to apply for rebates.

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