Energy Rebates: We’ve Met with Minister Jones. Now what?

Condo Owners Forum Society of Alberta (COF) has initiated a petition and letter-writing campaign to get the attention of the Government of Alberta to the flawed electricity energy rebate program first announced in March 2022.

Alberta condo owners applaud the Government for initiating an energy rebate program.
However, despite comments in the press to the contrary by the Minister of Affordability and Utilities (Matt Jones), the program is currently only available to some Alberta condominium owners and tenants who currently pay their utility bills directly to the utility companies.

(L-R) Jeremy Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services, Matt Jones, Minister of Affordability and Utilities, & Travis Toews, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance. (Government of Alberta)
Matt Jones, Minister of Affordability and Utilities, announced changes to the government’s affordability program in December 2022.

The inability of many condo owners to qualify is upsetting. Many Alberta condos have one electric meter for the complex, primarily older apartment-style buildings. In fact, many Alberta Condo owners not paying their own utility bills may not know they have never received the electricity rebate. As the Energy Rebates Regulation is currently designed, many condo owners will not benefit from the rebate. COF has been asking the Government to include condo owners since July 2022.

“COF has finally, through the success of the Petition launched on Feb 3, 2023, been able to chat with Minister Jones and his team on February 14th,” said Condo Owners Forum Society of Alberta (COF) Director Phil Rosenzweig.

The Ministry is studying alternatives to deliver the energy rebate(s) more effectively and be more inclusive of people in Multi-family buildings. We were assured that it was a high priority to address the inequities of the current programs.

Unfortunately, Minister Jones could only provide timelines of one to two months before an announcement could be made. In the interim, we have chosen to continue with the petition and
letter-writing campaigns. It is too important an issue for us not to, representing tens of thousands of dollars to many Alberta Condo and Multi-family building residents.

COF has offered again to act as a sounding board for the changes Minister Jones’ department is
considering and looks forward to an announcement. “Unfortunately, this program will take another one to two months and become an election promise when people require assistance now”, said Rosenzweig.

The petition and letter-writing campaign can be found here.
see our most recent post here:

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