Get Involved

Meet, Network, Contribute

To be successful and meet the needs of Alberta condominium owners, we need board members and other volunteers who have a strong interest in improving Alberta condo ownership.  No other skills are necessary.  Most of our volunteers are like you – they have limited sources of good information about their condo operations and they want to learn more about improving Alberta condo life and contribute to their community.

Help us support Alberta condo board members and condo owners!

Join one of our committees: Advocacy, Education, Governance, Marketing and Membership

Become a Guest Author

COF provides quality information and advice for Alberta condo board members and condo owners in the form of a twice-yearly magazine, e-newsletter articles and blog posts.

Share your knowledge and expertise as a guest author!

Become a Guest Speaker

COF provides educational programs for condo board members and condo owners throughout Alberta.
Do you have expertise in a specific area that you can share? Become a guest speaker for a Condo Chat or share your knowledge and expertise as a facilitator for one of our educational programs.

Participate and Engage

We encourage you to get involved! 
Share your experiences and network with other Alberta condo owners through our Forum. 
Grow your knowledge by participating in our Condo Chats and educational programs.
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