Government Releases Draft Regulations and Stakeholder Survey

Have your say on draft condominium rules

Brian Malkinson, Minister of Service Alberta, announced the long awaited release of the next round of draft Regulations to the Condominium Act. These are the culmination of months of work and stakeholder interaction. Now you have the opportunity for a look at the proposed regulations and make your opinions known by completing the companion survey accompanying the draft. But you better hurry, you have until July 31st to complete this survey.  Want a Poster to out up at your Condo?  Click Here

Albertans are invited to provide feedback on new draft rules at the following link; 
For a look at the draft regulations and further information go to:
COF encourages all Condo Owners to have their say and complete this survey and add your comments.
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Have any comment about the draft let us know.
Is there anything you think we should bring forward to represent your views in this package, reply to this post!
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Condominium corporations benefit greatly when board members have financial knowledge and follow common-sense financial management processes. Does your condo board include at least one person with financial experience, who can analyze and clearly communicate the condominium corporation’s current and forecast financial position to other board members and all owners?

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