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From repairs and upgrades, to budgets, rules and regulations, the board of directors is crucial to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Essentially, without a board, owning a condo can turn into a nightmare. There is no doubt that being a board member can be challenging and frustrating at times, but with the right condo board member tools and support, it can be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way so that you are an effective board member while serving your community.  

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Board members should be familiar with all rules and regulations, after all, you need to know them before you can effectively enforce it.  With the use of condo apps, this process becomes a lot easier as you have information at your fingertips. You have access to important documents, in case you need to check for reference. Online condo management also facilitates you being up to date on discussion forums and condo news, legal issues, incident reports, repairs, etc., so that you are prepared to tackle any situation.              

SEEK MENTORSHIP – Always remember that you are not alone. From management to condo owners and residents, everyone has common goals to protect their investment and live in a stress-free environment. There is a lot to learn and no one expects new board members to learn everything overnight. Seek mentorship from more experienced board members. They may have added knowledge on handling specific situations, and know first hand what works and what doesn’t.                                                                                                                                                 

DON’T PROCRASTINATE  – Approve documents, budgets, requests and orders, as soon as possible. With the convenience of condo apps, you can even approve them on the go.                                                                                                                

TIME MANAGEMENT    – You have to have the right mentality for the job. Be open to receiving messages from others at all times. Although condo management software will make your life easier, board members often underestimate the amount of time needed for the job. Be open to handling most issues directly from the condo app as they come in, or set aside time every day to check the app and handle requests all at once.                                           

BE PROACTIVE   – Stay ahead of the curve with budgets, repairs, and upgrades. Don’t wait for condo owners to make requests. If the budget allows, look for areas to improve. This will keep things running smoothly, and you will see a decrease in the number of requests.                                                                                                   

COMMUNICATION   – Communication is key – not only among board members, but with management, condo owners and residents as well. Get to know condo owners and residents, and be involved in the community. Condo communication tools can help you stay connected. Build trust so people feel comfortable coming to you while issues are easily manageable, instead of waiting until a problem potentially turns into something much bigger and more costly.  Don’t be afraid to approach them and ask for suggestions and feedback.                

BE CONSISTENT & FAIR   – Always be consistent in enforcing rules and regulations. Everyone will respect and trust you for it. Being a board member can be a rewarding experience Use condo management tools to facilitate your role as a board member. Request a quote today from Condo Control and discover how easy it is to be an effective board member with our user-friendly software.  

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