Introducing the Condo Owners Forum Website

Condo Owners Forum started with the idea of a newsletter which would support our goal of enhancing communication among condominium owners for the improved management of our homes and corporations. Each newsletter contained new information and repeated a lot of constant material such as sources of useful information. This led to the idea of a web site where the newsletters could be ‘parked’ for ease of reference (link to) Newsletters, where (link to) resources and (link to) publications would be constantly available. New items could be introduced or enhanced beyond what could be contained in the newsletters.

A forum is a central place in the (condominium) community where ideas can be exchanged and discussed, so an on-line forum was a driver for creating this web site — and so the web site was created. What you see here is the first stage in the evolution of the Condo Owners Forum, serving all Condo Owners in Alberta. COFSAB (an on-line search for ‘condo owners forum’ produces many and varied results stands for Condo Owners Forum Society of Alberta. We are in the process of becoming a registered non profit society under the Alberta Societies Act.

Home is the landing or Home page, welcomes new readers and provides quick links to the following pages:

  • News and Information – in the newsletters
  • Resources for Condo Owners – helpful web sites, the newsletters, a draft code of ethics and publications of relevance to condominium corporations and buyers.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – and the answers to them. If your question isn’t answered here, please use the contact information to ask it – if it is ‘frequently asked’ we’ll answer on this page.
  • About is the underlying reasoning for COF, and under that tab is information about the founders of COF.
  • Blog and Forum – that’s where you are reading this. It will be updated with new and interesting items (we hope!) which may be too long for the newsletter, or which are time-sensitive.
  • FAQ – mentioned above.
  • Resources – at present lists a number of useful web sites, and will be added to and updated as necessary.
  • Within the Menu headings we also have several pages.

  • Newsletters – where you can find and download previous copies of the newsletters.
  • Code of Ethics – one of the most important requirements of a condo board is to behave in a way that avoids bias, criticism, favouritism and is objective in all decision-making. This brief article addresses the code of ethics and suggests suitable wording for a code.
  • Publications – when we become aware of resources that are not web sites or available electronically, these publications will be listed and may be downloadable from here.
  • Presentations – where COF presentations will be posted fro time to time.
  • Contact – how to get in touch with COF.
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Condominium corporations benefit greatly when board members have financial knowledge and follow common-sense financial management processes. Does your condo board include at least one person with financial experience, who can analyze and clearly communicate the condominium corporation’s current and forecast financial position to other board members and all owners?

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