City of Lethbridge Condo Owners Fight City Hall

City of Lethbridge Condo Owners continuing their dispute with City Hall for a fair deal with Owners

City of Lethbridge Recycling Unfair to Condominiums with more than 45 Units

The City of Lethbridge is committed to providing recycling services to both single family homes and apartment complexes. Larger condominium or apartment buildings with more than 45 units are to be brought on in Phase 3 of the program, originally scheduled for the Fall of 2020, but delayed to January 2021, because of Covid-19 restrictions affecting planning and consultations.

Representatives of the larger condominiums in Lethbridge met with city officials and administration on 3 occasions (November 8, 2018; February 13, 2019; March 6, 2020) to voice concerns re: cost and logistics of the program.  Little recognition was given to the fact that many of the larger condominiums  proactively have had their own recycling programs in place for several years, either employing resident volunteers, or private contractors at a cost significantly lower than that proposed by the city.    Despite these concerns, the city administration has moved forward on its plans, with no further consultation with multi-unit large condominiums.    For example, they pushed forward, and had Council pass, program authority powers under Bylaws 6198 and 6146 (June 2020) defining large condominiums as “residential” with no option but compulsory participation and billing at the same rate ($ 0.23 per unit per day or $ 7 per unit per month) as single unit residences.

We, representatives of an ad hoc working group of the larger condominiums in Lethbridge, have requested to be on the agenda of a City Council meeting in September to make a presentation asking the city to reconsider its position in regard to implementation of its recycling program in larger condominiums.

Anyone who owns a Condominium in Lethbridge who thinks this is unfair and would like to join the fight please email us at

The Brief and Power Point Presentation submitted to the City of Lethbridge City Council can be viewed at the following links:

Briefing Document (pdf version)

Power Point (pdf version)

See coverage in the Lethbridge Herald from August 22, 2020

And a letter of support from Terry Gibson and Condo Owners Forum Society of Alberta

Please spread the word!

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