Minister Announces New Human Rights Legislation

New Human Rights Legislation Announced

Justice and Solicitor General Minister Kathleen Ganley provided details about proposed changes to the Alberta Human Rights Amendment Act, 2017. Hugh Willis, representing  CCI North was also invited to speak on behalf of Condo Owners, who as Minister Ganley explained, were the largest, most vocal group of stakeholders to participate in the consultation process the Department of Justice held this past summer.

If passed the legislation will allow Plus 55 Buildings to continue with their age protection within their Bylaws. For other Condominiums their will be a 15 year transition period to allow Owners and Boards to either change their Bylaws or transition their housing/property expectations. As Hugh Willis states, it’s definitely a compromise, but one that allows people time to make changes.

So is this a win for Condominiums? Partially. Will Age Protected Condominiums be allowed to continue for Condo Owners in Plus 55 buildings? Absolutely.

It’s only because Condo Organizations and Owners participated in the consultation process that the Government paid any attention to this as a ‘Condo Issue’ at all. It wasn’t even on the radar. Your Voices were heard!

for more information see the Press Release and listen to the press conference by clicking on the link below.

Human Rights Amendment Act Press Conference

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