Optimize Your Condo: Update Your Bylaws with Roberto Noce, Q.C. hosted by Converge Condo Management

Did your condo corporation miss the one-year ‘window’ to update your condo bylaws that conflict with legislation? Or, have your corporation’s needs changed since the last time the bylaws were updated?

Join Roberto Noce, Miller Thomson LLP, and Dana Bouwman, Converge Condo Management, for industry insider knowledge on best practices to follow when updating your bylaws.

Recording is courtesy of Converge Condo Management

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The predominant concern appears to be that the proposed legislative amendments will create confusion, not clarity, and that passing special resolutions will be made much more difficult and costly in terms of imposing additional administrative requirements. Many of these inquiries have also assumed that calculating the result of a special resolution vote is based on the total number of units in a condominium. As I will explain, this is incorrect.

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