Premier Danielle Smith’s Inflation announcement brings little joy to Condo Owners

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The Condo Owners Forum Society of Alberta (COF) applauds the decision of Premier Smith to continue to support programs to address the impacts of inflation in energy costs. We are again asking, that the Government of Alberta reopen the regulations of these programs to include the hundreds of thousands of Alberta Condo Owners who may be not be eligible because of the type of condo they live in.

To that end we have sent Minister Jones a letter outlining the problem and asking for a meeting. 

Matt Jones Minister of Affordability and Utiliities


In Premier Danielle Smith’s address to the province Nov 22, she spoke to several programs that would relieve some of the burden of high inflation from Albertans. She singled out Seniors and Families with Children as two groups receiving additional financial help.

Specifically, Premier Smith said,

 “We will provide an increased rebate on consumer electricity bills through the winter months totalling an additional $200 per household.” and 

 “We will limit spikes in winter electricity rates while continuing with the current natural gas rebate program.”

 COF hopes to hear back from Minister Jones soon on how his department will be moving to make ALL Alberta Condo Owners, many of whom are Seniors which are one of the groups that Premier Smith is targeting for help, eligible to receive the benefits of these program.

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